Neighborhood Conservation Plan

The Westover Village Neighborhood Conservation team needs you!

The NCAC is an Arlington-wide group of civic associations that meet to help improve their neighborhoods. It’s a unique program that was started over 50 years ago.  Today, this program provides funding for a variety of improvements including installation of sidewalks (for example, project at 18th & Patrick Henry was a Tara-Leeway NC funded project), streetlights, signs, park improvements, neighborhood art and beautification.

Our updated plan will be reviewed by Arlington County departments, the Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee, and then is presented to and approved by the Arlington County Board, defining for the County and the Board what our vision and priorities are for our Civic Association and the key facilities surrounding our neighborhood.

More information – What is the Arlington Neighborhood Conservation Program?

Recent Sun Article about how much fun this is:

The goal of the Arlington Neighborhood Conservation Program:

Empower residents to come together to discuss and share ideas for improving their neighborhoods

  • Do you want to define our community’s core values?
  • Do you want to define our goals for our community’s future growth?
  • Do you want to help protect the safety and livability of the area in the Westover Village Civic Association?
  • Are you interested in what might become of the Reed school? What do you want to see Swanson become?
  • What do you enjoy about the Westover Business area?
  • Are you interested and concerned about the development of the garden apartments?

Do you want to be part of the solution?

Great! Here’s how you can get involved

Remember…that long ago survey?  Maybe not, well, that’s okay.  We have already started updates to our Neighborhood Conservation Plan.  Right now, we need concerned citizens to help.

Block Captains

Core Team – Content Development and Writers 

  • Dedicated group of concerned citizens living in Westover who can dedicate 4-5 hours/month for the next 9 months working to develop and finalize our plan.
  • If you can’t commit a large or regular amount of time, smaller writing sections on our local history are available too.
  • See outline on our website for sections needing development, and sign up to research, talk to your neighbors/our schools/businesses/county departments, or to write sections summarizing our outreach and survey results.

Interested in helping?

Email Lisa Garcia at to ask questions, volunteer, and get to work!